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Case Studies

Over $100 MILLION in revenue generated for our clients.

2,400% jobs growth that led to a multi-million dollar sale.

Superior Stone & Cabinet

300% revenue growth with 5Fold’s marketing.

Crash of Rhinos Painting

Website traffic grew 134% in just one year.

KY-KO Roofing

Marketing ROI grew to an amazing 1,400% in 2023.

Here’s how we help our clients reach such amazing profits.

Custom marketing solutions, intimate client focus.

We prioritize regular meetings with our clients, addressing unique marketing needs with bespoke solutions. Rejecting a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, we build unique marketing solutions, ensuring your business stands out.

We focus on what make you money and not just leads.

Our focus is on boosting your company’s bottom line, recognizing that the quality of leads matters more than quantity for ultimate service purchases and sustained business growth.

We hold weekly meeting with our clients to ensure success.

We hold weekly meetings with our clients to review the marketing plan, assess what’s working, identify areas for improvement, and strategize on implementing new, effective marketing strategies.

We use AI and the human touch to get the best of both worlds.

We blend AI’s efficiency with human intuition to implement superior marketing plans. AI handles data and routine tasks, while human creativity and insight guide impactful, innovative campaigns.

We use revenue data to optimize your website and marketing campaigns.

We optimize websites and campaigns by analyzing revenue data, identifying high-performing pages and campaigns to understand their success, guiding enhancements and shaping future marketing strategies for maximum impact.

We are transparent in all that we do. This helps us and our clients pick the best path forward.

Our transparency ensures you see where your investment goes, the data from your campaigns, and the returns they generate, helping us collaboratively choose the most effective path forward.

Ready to get started?

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