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Lead Tracking

See the Lead Type

Explore our dashboard to identify lead origins, whether from phone calls, website forms, live chats, and more. Gain insights into your leads’ pathways to tailor your strategies effectively.

  • Phone Calls
  • Website Forms
  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • SMS Texting

See all touchpoints

Discover every customer journey through our dashboard, tracing their path from discovery to browsing your website, and ultimately making contact. Uncover all touchpoints to refine your engagement strategy.

Listen to recorded phone calls.

Our dashboard feature lets you listen to recorded phone calls, providing invaluable insights to refine your sales team’s techniques. Analyze conversations to enhance customer interactions and improve sales strategies.

Read the transcript

Alongside listening, read transcripts of all calls through our dashboard, offering a comprehensive view to tweak sales approaches and better understand customer needs for more effective communication and conversion strategies.

Additional Lead Tracking Features

Track leads with First Party Data

Leverage first-party data to track leads directly within our platform, ensuring accurate, privacy-compliant insights into customer behaviors and preferences, optimizing your marketing efforts for targeted, effective outreach.

Use Advanced Algorithms to see good vs bad leads

Employing advanced algorithms, our platform distinguishes between good and bad leads, enabling smarter, data-driven decisions that prioritize high-quality prospects and optimize your marketing investment for maximum efficiency.

See Quote Value

Access the quote value for each lead on our dashboard, offering clear insights into potential revenue, allowing for strategic prioritization and resource allocation to maximize ROI and streamline operations.

See the Source of the Lead

Our dashboard enables you to pinpoint the exact source of each lead, from social media to search engines, providing strategic insights for optimizing your marketing channels and improving lead quality.

See What website pages are generating the most revenue

Identify which website pages generate the most revenue through our analytics, guiding decisions on page optimizations and reworkings to enhance user experience and maximize profitability across your site.

Keyword Spotting

With call transcriptions, our system automatically identifies keywords to determine requested services, enabling precise filtering by service type. This feature enhances targeting and improves service allocation by understanding customer needs more accurately.


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