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Revenue Tracking

See how much money your marketing has generated for you!

Our goal is revenue generation. Our platform simplifies tracking your earnings from each campaign, making it easy to see the direct financial impact of our marketing efforts.

See quote and sales values per lead.

Decisions should be based on data, not guesses. Seeing both quote and sales values enables businesses to refine their sales department and fully understand the customer’s journey.

Filter campaigns to see which are making you money.

Our intuitive filtering system simplifies data navigation, allowing you to efficiently drill down through the numbers to find the specific answers you need amid the vast information.

See which website pages make you the most and which pages need improvment.

Our platform reveals which website pages are generating revenue and converting profitably, and identifies those needing improvement, guiding strategic enhancements for better performance.

See which source/medium generated more is sales.

Our analytics enable you to identify which platforms excel in sales performance, allowing for targeted strategies that leverage the most effective channels for revenue generation.


How are you able to track revenue per lead?

How accurate is your revenue tracking?

Can you track my revenue if I don’t have a CRM?