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10 years of consistent growth with 5Fold.

Website Traffic: ▲ 134%

Conversion Rate: ▲ 47%

Leads: ▲ 33%

KY-KO Roofing has trusted 5Fold with its marketing needs since 2014.

The Journey

Before 2014, KY-KO Roofing’s marketing efforts were scattered across different companies, handling SEO, PPC, and web design separately, leading to disjointed strategies and underwhelming results. The turning point came when Scott, who had previously consulted for KY-KO, was approached to offer a more cohesive solution. 5Fold stepped in to consolidate all marketing efforts under one roof, introducing a unified and detailed marketing strategy that transformed KY-KO’s online presence and customer engagement. This strategic pivot not only streamlined operations but also marked the beginning of a decade-long partnership that continues to thrive. Ten years later, KY-KO Roofing enjoys sustained business growth and a steady influx of new customers every month, thanks to the seamless collaboration and innovative approaches developed with 5Fold, demonstrating the unparalleled value of a unified marketing strategy and a committed partnership.

Here’s what we did.


First, we developed a new website for KY-KO Roofing, expertly designed to enhance lead conversion. Its user-friendly layout and compelling content streamline the customer journey, boosting engagement and sales.

Digital Marketing

A meticulously crafted digital marketing strategy was developed to capture high-quality leads from every corner of the internet, utilizing targeted tactics to reach potential customers wherever they are online, thereby maximizing lead generation.


We helped KY-KO Roofing boost their review numbers on key platforms, using methods that motivated happy customers to leave positive feedback, improving their online presence and credibility.

Photos & Videos

We collaborated with the client to regularly update their website with new photos and create informative videos, ensuring fresh content that engages visitors and effectively communicates their message.


Collaboration with third-party vendors enabled field personnel to capture images of their work and upload them directly to a gallery page, showcasing real-time project progress and quality.

Lead Tracking

Last, KY-KO Roofing was integrated into our platform, enabling the efficient tracking and management of all leads, thereby streamlining their business processes.

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