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We’re content creation and optimization experts. We pair together automation and software with creative experts to take your business’ social media posts and profiles to new heights. Our social media product is both an effective lead-generation tool and a great way for your company to build its brand and voice. Our social media product and Facebook management services help your business strategically connect with local customers.

Based on our data and research, we employ a “less-is-more” approach to social media content that focuses on creative, highly effective posts over a scattershot approach. In other words, every post has a purpose, from lead generation to building your business’ brand and telling your story. As social media marketing specialists, we make visually compelling content, catching people’s eye as they scroll through social platforms.

Over the past decade, social media platforms have undergone changes. For a Facebook post from your business to see significant reach among a local audience, it needs to have some money put behind it. Our research has demonstrated that boosted posts perform far better than non-boosted ones, even when the content is virtually the same. Recognizing that, we’ve built our social media marketing services and product to include monthly boosting funds.

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