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Incredible marketing results that led to a MULTI-MILLION dollar sale!

Website Traffic: ▲ 1,291%

5-Star Reviews: ▲ 488%

New Jobs: ▲ 2,400%

“5Fold’s marketing played a pivotal role in the successful sale of my company.”

Growth you can actually see.

Prior to 5Fold, Superior was only securing 2 new jobs per week. After they started working with us, their company exploded, reaching 10 new jobs per day! This rapid growth allowed them to move to a 60,000 sq/ft warehouse in Phoenix.

Here’s what we did.


We started out by building Superior a stunning website that included a captivating product gallery. This resulted in a 34% reduction in the website bounce rate, while also boosting leads by an impressive 22%

Digital Marketing

We constructed a comprehensive digital marketing ecosystem for Superior, which resulted in a significant boost in brand visibility and website traffic. This encompassed various strategies including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, Display Ads, Video Advertising, Social Media marketing, and more.

From 2 jobs per week to 10 per day!

Lead Tracking

Using the 5Fold Platform we created lead intelligence rules, enabling the use of algorithms for the automatic scoring, qualification, and valuation of leads. This helped us better determine the quality of the lead that the marketing campaigns were generating.


We developed a customized strategy for Superior that effectively increased their lead generation. This resulted in a remarkable 488% rise in 5-star reviews on Google.

Photos & Videos

We collaborated with local photographers and videographers to produce media for Superior. This approach significantly enhanced their brand recognition, increased website engagement, and boosted traffic to their showroom, resulting in a noticeable rise in sales.

Virtual Tour

With the implementation of Matterport technology, we developed a digital showroom experience, enabling users to virtually view and interact with Superior’s products. This innovation enhanced user engagement, subsequently attracting a higher number of visitors to the physical showroom.

Visualizer Tools

We implemented an AR visualization tool to allow customers to virtually see Superior’s products in their own environments, enhancing their shopping experience and decision-making process.

Revenue Tracking

Utilizing the 5Fold Platform, the Superior team gained visibility into each lead that contributed to revenue and could precisely identify which marketing campaign generated the lead.

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