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300% revenue growth!

Website Traffic: ▲ 823%

5-Star Reviews: ▲ 2,192%

Leads: ▲ 342%

“5Fold has helped us increase our revenue… by understanding what is important to our customers”

Continual Success

Crash of Rhinos Painting & Garage Floors has experienced significant business growth by partnering with us at 5Fold. Together, we’ve navigated the complex, evolving landscape of digital marketing, implementing innovative strategies to ensure their continued success and expansion.

Here’s what we did.


We expertly developed a bespoke website for our client, uniquely tailored to highlight the superior attributes of their services. Our approach focused on enhancing online visibility and effectively communicating with potential customers, fostering better engagement.

Digital Marketing

At 5 Fold Marketing, we designed a comprehensive digital marketing ecosystem, leveraging diverse online channels to attract leads from across the internet, maximizing our client’s reach and growth potential.


We devised and implemented a dual-phase strategy to secure excellent reviews, fostering a cycle where positive feedback drives more business, which in turn generates additional outstanding reviews, enhancing reputation and growth.


Photos are crucial across all marketing channels, enhancing engagement and storytelling. We facilitated the collection of images from client employees to professional shoots, enriching content and visual appeal.


We’ve helped produce over 60 videos to build trust with potential customers, making them feel a personal connection with the business owner, fostering familiarity and confidence even before the first call.


Before and after images, case studies, and current project galleries have been a significant trust builder and sales tool, enabling potential customers to envision their homes transformed with a similar paint job, inspiring dreams and aspirations.

Visualizer Tools

We’ve integrated visualizer tools on the website, allowing customers to upload photos of their garages and explore how different options offered by Crash can transform their space, enhancing decision-making and engagement.

Lead Tracking

These innovative tools not only capture interest but also create a robust pipeline of leads. Our lead tracking software provides clients a comprehensive view of all leads and their statuses in one centralized location.

Revenue Tracking

Our revenue tracking software goes further, showing clients which leads convert to revenue and their source. This insight allows us to identify effective channels, applying successful strategies more broadly for optimized marketing efforts.

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