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Lead Generation Ads

Get more customers, boost your revenue.

Grow your business with our lead generation ads. We target the right prospects, convert them into leads, and boost your revenue. Let’s make your company thrive.

Ad Types We Manage

Google Ads

Utilize Google Ads to propel your business forward. By targeting specific keywords and demographics, you can reach potential customers precisely when they’re searching for what you offer. This increases visibility, drives website traffic, and boosts conversions.

Google LSA

Google Local Services Ads offer a unique opportunity for your business to connect with local customers at the moment they’re searching for your services. By appearing at the top of search results, LSAs increase trust, enhance visibility, and drive qualified leads directly to you.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads enable your business to reach a broad yet targeted audience, leveraging the platform’s detailed user data. Create engaging, visually appealing ads that resonate with your desired demographic, driving brand awareness, website traffic, and conversions.

Optimize based on revenue

Refine your Google Ads strategies by integrating revenue data into Google’s AI algorithms. This approach allows for sophisticated optimization, targeting potential customers more effectively and enhancing your return on investment.

AI + Human for best results

We complement Google’s AI optimization with experienced analysts who oversee and fine-tune your campaigns, blending technology with human insight to maximize effectiveness and drive superior return on investment.

Page optimization

We adjust your website’s page layouts using data from heatmaps and revenue insights. This optimization ensures your site is user-friendly and maximizes the potential for generating income.

Certified Google Partner

As a Certified Google Partner, we have proven expertise in Google Ads management, gaining access to exclusive tools, insights, and support, ensuring your campaigns are optimized for maximum success and ROI.

save money on your google LSA accounts

Get money back with Google LSA lead dispute.

With Google LSA lead dispute, you can challenge unsatisfactory leads and potentially get your money back, ensuring you pay only for quality leads that truly benefit your business.

Get a detailed view of every lead.

Use our dashboard for a detailed view of each lead, tracing origins, analyzing responsible campaigns, and even listening to recorded calls or reading transcripts for comprehensive insights.

Track revenue to see how much you make from every lead.

Track your revenue on our platform to see exactly how much you earn from every lead. Gain insights into your profitability and optimize strategies for maximum return.

total marketing budget transparency

Track every dollar with our detailed budget report.

Monitor every dollar spent with our detailed budget breakdown report, offering clear visibility into your expenditures and ensuring every investment is driving value for your business.


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