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Our marketing strategies propelled King’s expansion to five locations and supported the acquisition of seven companies.

Website Traffic: ▲ 898%

New Leads: ▲ 1,504%

ROI: ▲ 1,392%

Marketing ROI grew to an amazing 1,400% in 2023!

Rapid growth across Illinois and Indiana.

Here’s what we did.


We transformed King’s online presence with a sleek, modern website. Our cutting-edge design, focused on speed and user experience, not only elevated their brand but significantly increased their lead generation. This strategic overhaul has not only attracted more visitors but converted them into leads at a higher rate, proving the value of investing in high-quality web development and design.

Digital Marketing

Next, we crafted a comprehensive digital marketing ecosystem for King Heating, ensuring widespread visibility within their target market. Integrating SEO, paid ads, and social media, our approach created a synergistic system, boosting their coverage and enhancing lead conversion rates. This cohesive strategy propelled King Heating to the forefront of their industry, demonstrating the power of a unified digital marketing effort.


Collaborating closely with King, we created a review capture strategy that leveraged third-party software to gather reviews across all their service locations. This initiative led to a dramatic increase in positive feedback, amassing thousands of 5-star reviews. Our targeted approach encouraged satisfied customers to share their experiences, significantly enhancing King Heating’s online reputation and trustworthiness among potential clients.

Photos & Videos

In partnership with King and their media team, 5Fold collaborated on photos and videos tailored to enhance the marketing campaigns. This collaboration resulted in content that significantly boosted campaign performance, leading to a substantial rise in brand recognition and conversion rates. Our strategic use of visual media captivated the target audience, directly contributing to King’s heightened market presence and success.

Acquisition Support

Collaborating with King on acquisitions, 5Fold conducted market research before each purchase, laying the groundwork for seamless integration. Post-acquisition, we crafted strategic marketing plans to introduce these companies into the King family and establish their online presence. This approach ensured a smooth transition and amplified their market footprint, solidifying the King brand’s expansion and dominance.

Lead Tracking

5Fold tracked every aspect of leads, including campaign sources, keywords, time of day, and location. This detailed tracking enabled us to refine our marketing strategies, leading to consistent performance enhancements. Leveraging these insights, we optimized campaigns for peak effectiveness, substantially improving King’s lead generation and conversion rates.

Revenue Tracking

Lastly, we integrated real-time lead tracking with King’s ServiceTitan account, directly linking marketing campaigns to revenue generation. This strategy enabled the precise optimization of our marketing efforts, aiming to maximize ROI for every dollar spent. By meticulously monitoring the financial impact of each campaign and ensuring efficient use of every marketing dollar, we fine-tuned our strategies for optimal resource allocation. This rigorous management and strategic optimization were key in achieving an astonishing 1,400% ROI. Our dedication to smart marketing investments and revenue tracking through ServiceTitan played a significant role in generating substantial returns for King, marking a pivotal achievement in our collaborative efforts.

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