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Key Elements to a Fantastic Logo

Every good brand starts with an unforgettable logo. If you don’t already have a logo for your business, it’s a…

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What’s new at 5 Fold Marketing?

We started 2015 off with a BANG! This has been one busy and exciting start to 2015! We have met some incredibl…

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Responding to Negative Reviews

Handle negative reviews like a pro! It happens. Negative reviews are going to happen. They are going to be the…

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Creating Content for Social Media

How we go about creating content for social media. A social media presence is something that all business owne…

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From 5 Fold Marketing

Wait. 2014 is already over?

Best of 2014 In the last 12 months we’ve had some major changes at 5 Fold Marketing. Some were exhilarat…

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Alabaster Mobile Clinic Video

We were so excited to work with Shannon Fernando, the founder of Alabaster Mobile Clinic to create this video…

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Hosting with 5fold Marketing = No Brainer

Hosting For Your Website If you live in the land of websites, hosting is an easy concept to understand. You kn…

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How the Mountains are Good for the Marketing Mind

We work hard. We focus, brainstorm, strategize, create, design, and more. During our down time, we have found…

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Stop Telling and Start Showing: Importance of Videos for your Business.

What’s so great about videos? Videos are AWESOME! They are one of those crafty tools that allows you to…

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