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Creating Content for Social Media

How we go about creating content for social media.

A social media presence is something that all business owners should have. Whether they are handling their social media internally or using a marketing company (LIKE US).

Getting your brand out there on social media means posting the RIGHT content to the RIGHT places. Engagement is the goal to getting your brand to reach more people.

A social media profile with fun, lively, and informative posts is one that will attract new followers and lots of comments, likes, and shares!

SIDE NOTE: Why are comments, shares, and likes good for your business? Social media profiles such as Facebook only show your content to a small percentage of your followers, unless their algorithms detect that your content is getting engagement. Then it recognizes your post as one other people might want to see. Every like, comment, or share boosts the amount of people that see your post, helping you get the exposure that you want for your business.

Alright, moving on… Creating this type of highly engageable content can be challenging, but it’s doable with a little strategy, a few resources and some creativity.

Gathering relevant content

At 5 Fold, we don’t have the luxury to be with our client’s all day every day to collect the photos, videos, and information that we need. However, this doesn’t mean we cut corners and dumb down our posts, or resort to sharing everyone else’s content from around the web.

To work around this issue, we make sure that we meet with our clients once a month. At this meeting, we get to know our clients and build relationships with them, AND we collect CONTENT! By content, I mean photos, videos, company updates, any and everything that would help their audience on social media to get to know their business on a more personal side.

Using tools, resources, and creativity

With all of the content that our client’s provide, it’s very unlikely that we’ll get enough material for the entire month until our next meeting. This is where the resources and creativity part comes in.

We have created a toolbox of go-to ideas for creating content. Here are a few that we use for generating content for our awesome clients.

Content (1)

Once the content is generated, it’s about adding specific elements to the content and tweaking it to make each post shine on individual social profiles increasing the probability of engagement. For instance on Twitter the use of #hashtags, on keywords specific to the business, will help relevant Twitter followers engage with their content.

Let’s take a step back and look at our process so far.

  1. Relevant content was gathered from the business owner.
  2. Filled in the gaps with highly engageable content
  3. Sprinkled elements like #hashtags into specific posts to help them stand out on different social media profiles.

Now what?

Well, we make sure that our content is getting the expected engagement and notice trends on what types of posts are doing better than the rest so that we can adjust our strategy for next month.

When it comes to creating content, we always consider two important things. Is this an appropriate representation of the business and is it something their audience would be interested in?

Since we gather real business content from our clients and always look for engaging ways to connect with their audience through social media, our clients have seen an increase in followers and engagement meaning that their brand is getting more attention and online exposure.

If you want to learn more about our social media services or are interested in getting your business started on social media visit our website at or give us a call now.