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How the Mountains are Good for the Marketing Mind

We work hard. We focus, brainstorm, strategize, create, design, and more. During our down time, we have found that the mountains provide the inspiration, motivation, and rejuvenation that we need to keep our thoughts quick, our ideas fresh, and our work week running smoothly.

The team at 5fold Marketing always welcomes mountain excursions, because we know in order to move forward, we need time to reflect. Here are some ways we have found that a trip to the mountains is good for our marketing minds.

 Activities and Exercise

Yes, it’s always good to get out and go to the gym, but getting out in the open and going fishing, biking, hiking, camping etc. helps us focus on minimalistic needs, wants, and goals. All of a sudden we are putting all of our energy and focus into accomplishing basic and fundamental tasks. Walking, climbing, breathing, and just staying quiet helps us to balance out the chaos and energy of the marketing world.

Scott Fishing 2

Scott Klohr, Co-Founder and Internet Marketing Consultant, Catching some fish in Estes Park, Colorado

 Time with Loved Ones

Taking the time, to give the ones we love some attention, whether it’s pets or people, we can go back to the office on Monday morning, without feeling like another weekend was wasted in front of the T.V. or on some other device. We start our week with happy weekend memories, and ready to be productive.

Brittni and Noa

Brittni Medina, Content Writer / Editor, with her dog Noa at Quandary Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado


Bijo George, 5fold’s Search Engine Marketing Director, and his wife Rini at Lake Gregory, California

Fresh Air

Maybe it’s the trees, or maybe you don’t have the weight of a thousand responsibilities on your shoulders, but getting up into the mountains and taking a breath of fresh air, (or just relief), is a great way to clear your mind of the clutter and prioritize.

Britt Hiking

Brittany Jensen, Digital Content Director, Hiking in the Poudre Canyon, Colorado


As much as we love our jobs, we’re talking about the campfire, storytelling, splashing in the river, laughing out loud kind of  fun. So we don’t know what you all are doing this weekend, but we are heading up to the mountains! Hope to see you there.


Max, Scott’s dog at the top of Arthur’s Rock, Colorado