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Google Posts: What are they, and how do they work?

Thanks to the power and usefulness of Google Maps, Google has long been one of the most important local listin…

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5 From 5 Fold: Five questions with Kevin Bertram, Digital Content Writer

Welcome to this edition of 5 From 5 Fold. Each month, we’ll ask a different member of the 5 Fold Marketing tea…

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Understanding Micro-Moments

Building marketing campaigns around what customers want at the moment, in the moment. At 5 Fold, we’re constan…

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Getting marketing results through authenticity

Clients who are active participants in their marketing and convey authenticity get results Through our all-in-…

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Local marketing matters

5 Fold’s all-in-one marketing packages help you connect with local customers. 5 Fold Marketing offers al…

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Why you need a digital marketing strategy—not just digital marketing

Planning pays off Why you need a digital marketing strategy—not just digital marketing As we’ve detailed befor…

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Your HVAC marketing experts

5 Fold Marketing specializes in marketing for cooling and heating companies. At 5 Fold Marketing, we work with…

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Using heat maps to optimize our client campaigns

Have you ever been to a website where you felt you had to scroll far down the page to get to the information y…

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We never stop learning

We never stop learning This fall, the 5 Fold team heads back to school with marketing classes. Okay, technical…

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