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Your HVAC marketing experts

5 Fold Marketing specializes in marketing for cooling and heating companies.

At 5 Fold Marketing, we work with a variety of different kinds of businesses in many different industries as diverse as pest control and employee benefits planning. We’re proud to work with this mix of clients; after all, getting to design different websites and write new content is exciting. However, if there’s one thing 5 Fold marketing is known for, it’s our HVAC marketing.

We’ve been working with cooling and heating companies since we started as a company. Today, 5 Fold has HVAC clients all across the nation, in a variety of different markets. Over the years, we’ve become HVAC marketing experts who know how the industry works, what works and what doesn’t, and how to grow cooling and heating businesses in local markets.

In this blog post, we’ll share what makes 5 Fold a perfect match for any company looking for effective HVAC marketing.

hvac-marketing-imageHow our HVAC marketing works

We start by getting to know the company we’re working with, and the market they’re working in. After all, a HVAC company in Buffalo, New York has very different needs from one in Valdosta, Georgia. You can’t treat two companies like that exactly the same and expect great results.

5 Fold Marketing uses an all-in-one marketing strategy that leaves room and flexibility for this kind of regional and climate-based variation. An all-in-one approach pairs together website design, on-site and off-site search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media management, content writing, and more for a more cohesive overall campaign. For example, better content can help improve pay-per-click advertisements, which can then generate more leads at a lower cost-per-lead.

In the past two years, we’ve taken significant steps to get ahead of the curve and become what we’ve coined “the hybrid agency.” This means that we’re getting our clients the most bang-for-their-buck by combining automation and technology with human expertise, especially the experience we’ve all gained in HVAC marketing.

We pair all of this expertise on the cooling and heating industry with an active will to learn and improve the work we’re doing. We’re constantly improving our marketing campaigns by keeping up with the latest research and developments. Things can change in Internet marketing very quickly—Google can debut a new algorithm change in hours. That’s why we remain flexible and adaptable.

Meet one of our HVAC marketing clients: Air Control

Air Control is a family-owned cooling and heating business in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. They’re known for quality service and products throughout Mohave County, and they also offer specialized services like Aeroseal duct cleaning, insulation, and home energy auditing. When we first met them, it was clear to us that Air Control was a great business beloved by the people who had worked with them. We just needed to help them grow that customer base through effective HVAC marketing.

To accomplish this, we put our all-in-one marketing product to work. We built their company a new, modern website, complete with effective content describing their services and products. We re-configured their local listings, improved both their on-site and off-site search engine optimization, grew their social media presence, created quality videos, and helped them get as many positive reviews as possible.

It was hard work, but it was worth it. Since they’ve started working with us, Air Control has seen their leads jump by 116%. Their new website worked like a charm, and conversion rates jumped 147%. Thanks to effective management of their Facebook page, they added 64% more fans, and the videos we created generated a total of 12,319 views. All those views, conversions, and fans led to more phone calls.

The best part? We don’t settle for “just good enough”. We’re proud of the success we’ve had so far, but 5 Fold remains focused on growing the HVAC marketing campaign for Air Control and other clients.

Learn about our two of our other HVAC marketing clients: Reimer Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing and Ray & Son Heating & Air Conditioning.

Ready to start your own HVAC marketing success story?

If you own or manage a HVAC company and you need effective Internet marketing, give 5 Fold Marketing a call. We’d love to talk through our all-in-one marketing packages with you. You can also contact us online.