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Getting marketing results through authenticity

Clients who are active participants in their marketing and convey authenticity get results

Through our all-in-one marketing packages, 5 Fold builds highly effective campaigns for our clients that get results, from a 214% boost in leads to a 1,140% increase in web traffic. Much of that is the package working: a great website, text ads, social media management, and more matters.

Yet, there is also a strong correlation between great marketing performance and client involvement in campaigns. Clients who send us great photos for their website, consistently get positive customer reviews, and send us personalized content for social media tend to see higher levels of customer engagement, reach, and conversion. In this blog post, we’ll explore just what “authenticity” is and why it matters to your campaign.

Our great marketing campaigns are made even better by our clients providing us with unique, authentic content.

Authenticity in marketing

In today’s online world, there are many different brands vying for customer attention simultaneously, and it can be difficult to capture this divided attention on social media, websites, or in ads—much less actually convert it into a result. For many marketers, authenticity consists of breaking away from the generic and what everyone else is doing to do something unique to that business. In our context, authenticity for our client’s campaigns means sharing things that resonate with customers and lead them to further their connections with the business.

For example, a Facebook post that reminds viewers to schedule a furnace tune-up this fall conveys good information, and may even spark a few people to schedule one. However, it’s less likely to be shared, liked, or interacted with, limiting its potential reach. Contrast that with photos on your social media of a recent company training session that highlights just how well your company’s technicians are prepared for service calls. Your employees in the photos share the photos, and so do their families. More people like it. Suddenly, the post’s reach is expanded.

This doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for the tune-up reminder post, but rather that mixing the typical content advertising your company’s products and services with several authentic post can really make a positive difference for your campaign.

As we’ve written about before, this kind of content requires the support of our clients.

What does this look like in practice?

To some degree, most of our clients are doing this. But, there are two of our clients who really stand out for their involvement in reviews and social media.

Air Control

Air Control Home Services is an HVAC company serving Lake Havasu City, Arizona and other parts of Mohave County. They’re a great company, and they’re outstanding at supplying us with personal content. Last month, their personalized content had 400% more engagement than regular content. This includes employee birthdays, featured technicians, customer reviews, and more.

Over time, this strategy of providing us with authentic content has yielded some great results, including a 64% increase in Facebook fans and a 208% increase in the number of reviews during the time they’ve been a client.

Wagner Mechanical

Wagner Mechanical is a company that provides cooling, heating, plumbing, and other services in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Wagner’s management team is laser-focused on bringing in reviews for their business. Using postcards provided by 5 Fold, Wagner’s technicians and representatives politely request reviews from all of their customers.

The results have been staggering. Over the past six months, Wagner has brought in more than 200 reviews, a vast majority of them overwhelmingly positive. 5 Fold responded to all the positive reviews for Wagner, bringing a personal, authentic approach. When people search for Wagner Mechanical, all of those reviews are coming up, and prospective customers can see not only what other customers said, but what Wagner said in return. A business that responds to each and every review—good, bad, or in-between—is perceived as more authentic.

Wagner has seen tremendous growth. In a little more than a year with 5 Fold, their leads grew by 400%. That means more people are finding their way to the Wagner website and deciding to choose them for their HVAC service needs. Of course, our all-in-one marketing strategy has driven that growth. But, the active participation of the Wagner team has brought it all together and strongly positioned their company as the most authentic, capable choice in their industry, in their market.

Let’s build an authentic marketing campaign together

Here’s what we’re proposing: let’s combine our marketing strategy with what your business does best for better marketing results. If you’re interested in learning more about our marketing packages, get in contact with us. We’d love to discuss partnering with your team.