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Internet Marketing

A view at Google Local Service Ads on a desktop computer.

What are Local Service Ads and what do you need to know about them?

Your Guide To LSAs What are Local Service Ads? What do you need to know about them? There’s a lot of jargon an…

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Header Image Blog Post Google Design Changes

How Google’s recent mobile design changes impact both paid and organic search

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Google recently released mobile design changes. On mobile, paid ads more closely resemble org…

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Pictured: Surfing Google Algorithm changes can be a tricky process.

Navigating Google algorithm changes and their impact on your SEO

Surf’s up! Here’s how your campaign can ride out the waves of Google algorithm changes. STORY HIGHLIGHTS…

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Website load speeds depend on another factors.

The need to speed: What you need to know about website load speeds

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Users expect websites to load in 2-3 seconds or less Speed depends on how it’s measured Speed…

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Our 2018 marketing predictions

Our 2018 marketing predictions

Our 2018 marketing predictions The 5 Fold team looks into our crystal ball and makes predictions about digital…

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New Year 2018

Approaching the new year and closing out a busy 2017

It’s incredible how fast this year has gone by, and how little is left. The holidays are nearly upon us (and t…

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Google Keyword Rankings Are Not Always What They Seem

#1 can be the loneliest number: Why the top spot in keyword rankings isn’t always what it seems

Digital marketing is a very competitive field, with many businesses jostling for your, well, business. To get…

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Voice-Controlled Speaker Amazon Echo

Black Friday, the voice-controlled speaker, and the age of voice search

Less Typing, More Talking This Black Friday may fully kick off the age of the voice-enabled home. Is your mark…

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Facebook Advertising Cost Versus Benefits

Facebook advertising, posts, and the pay-to-play future of social media

According to 2017 data, approximately every 2 out of 7 people on the planet actively uses Facebook. What began…

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