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Social Media

Facebook Under Fire

After Facebook scandal, social giant releases data and privacy updates

Facebook’s latest scandal has ignited a debate about privacy and data collection, sending chills up some peopl…

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Instagram Announcement

Instagram opens a new door for scheduling tools

At the end of January, Instagram announced an update of their Graph API, which allows businesses to schedule p…

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Taking control of your Facebook business page with business manager

Learn how to navigate useful features on your Business Page. As we’ve discussed before, Facebook wants t…

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Facebook Algorithm Changes

Facebook algorithm changes and what they mean

As the platform tries to get back to basics, brands and companies face an uncertain future. STORY HIGHLIGHTS F…

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Google Analytics is just one of the tools we use to gather marketing data.

Finding the right marketing data: How 5 Fold collects and uses data

Digital campaigns generate a lot of data. Which of it matters? STORY HIGHLIGHTS Data is everywhere, but how yo…

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Our 2018 marketing predictions

Our 2018 marketing predictions

Our 2018 marketing predictions The 5 Fold team looks into our crystal ball and makes predictions about digital…

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Facebook Advertising Cost Versus Benefits

Facebook advertising, posts, and the pay-to-play future of social media

According to 2017 data, approximately every 2 out of 7 people on the planet actively uses Facebook. What began…

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Chair 5 Fold Office Photo

Your marketing partners: Digital marketing is a partnership between you and your marketing provider

Marketing is a team effort. Not just here at 5 Fold, but between us and your business. That’s because digital…

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Stock photo of a camera

Ditch the stock photos: Here’s how real photos make your business look like the real deal

In a blog post from last year, we discussed how authenticity in digital marketing could yield positive results…

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