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Your marketing partners: Digital marketing is a partnership between you and your marketing provider

Marketing is a team effort. Not just here at 5 Fold, but between us and your business. That’s because digital marketing is most effective when both the marketing team and company being marketed work together in partnership.

In this blog, we’ll review some of the things that makes marketing campaigns successful, and how you and your team can help us make your campaign stronger.

Local, authentic content requires your input and expertise

Think about all the things that go into making a great website. Photos, videos, content, hours, maps, product descriptions—we could go on and on. Even when you’re working with a digital marketing company, a lot of those things need your input.

Let’s just think about product descriptions for a minute. Even if you provided us a list of products you carry, there’s going to be other things we need to know, such as:

  • What are your most popular products?
  • What kind of questions do you get from your customers about your products?
  • What names do your local customers use to refer to your products?

A company in Clearwater, Florida and a company in Moscow, Idaho might have very different answers to these questions—even if they technically sell and do the same things. Having the right answers to those questions for your area matters: during intent-rich micro-moments, prospective customers need to find the information they’re seeking in a fast and effective way.

A great marketing partnership is about more than just text, however. It’s also about what can be seen.

Photos and videos make the difference

The modern web is built around images and video, and social media platforms prioritize video and image content over purely text content. We live in a world where stock photos no longer get the job done. What we need from you as a marketing partner is real photos and videos.

From your website and your local listings to your Facebook page, a steady stream of image and video content can provide a lift to all areas of your campaign.

Here’s an example: our research has shown that adding authentic photos of your business and employees, with captions, to your local listings can improve their ranking via search. It’s even one of the things mentioned in this article about top SEO strategies.

This, of course, is in addition to the more “traditional” benefits of video and image content: a more dynamic website. As we talked about in our blog on stock photos, images and video convey messages to site visitors. They boost engagement with the page and overall conversions.

To be a partner in the making of a successful marketing campaign, send us photos and videos whenever possible. Doing so will open up a world of opportunities and growth for your business online.

Make your social media content go farther

More than any other aspect of your marketing, your social media campaign requires local, authentic content. While 5 Fold brings the strategic vision and post creation needed for social media to work, we need your help with the details that we just can’t get anywhere else.

As we’ve discussed before, a successful social media campaign balances business promotion and objectives with hyper-local content that your followers want to engage with on a regular basis. Instead of a steady barrage of advertisements, your business’ page needs to be something people want to keep following and engaging with on their feed.

As your marketing partners, we’ll need you to provide us with the local element that will make your social media great. What is going on in your community? What charities does your business support? What schools do you root for? What birthdays or work anniversaries are coming up?

With this kind of information, we can create content that reaches more people and keeps your business top-of-mind for followers.

Ready to be partners?

If you want to take your marketing partnership to the next level—or start a new one—get in contact with the team here at 5 Fold Marketing. We offer digital marketing products that can help your business grow and reach new customers. Learn more by reading our case studies.