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Local Listings

A view at Google Local Service Ads on a desktop computer.

What are Local Service Ads and what do you need to know about them?

Your Guide To LSAs What are Local Service Ads? What do you need to know about them? There’s a lot of jargon an…

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Our 2018 marketing predictions

Our 2018 marketing predictions

Our 2018 marketing predictions The 5 Fold team looks into our crystal ball and makes predictions about digital…

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Chair 5 Fold Office Photo

Your marketing partners: Digital marketing is a partnership between you and your marketing provider

Marketing is a team effort. Not just here at 5 Fold, but between us and your business. That’s because digital…

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Stock photo of a camera

Ditch the stock photos: Here’s how real photos make your business look like the real deal

In a blog post from last year, we discussed how authenticity in digital marketing could yield positive results…

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New Google Q&A feature from Google's own blog introducing the feature

Google Q&A: Google’s New Feature Gives Businesses A New Way To Interact With Customers

We could probably write an entire blog just outlining the near-constant features Google is rolling out to impr…

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Voice Search Marketing

Google Home, Amazon Echo, and the future of voice search marketing

The Future Of Voice Search With Google Home and Amazon Echo in more homes, here’s where voice search mar…

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Google Posts: What are they, and how do they work?

Thanks to the power and usefulness of Google Maps, Google has long been one of the most important local listin…

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Understanding Micro-Moments

Building marketing campaigns around what customers want at the moment, in the moment. At 5 Fold, we’re constan…

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Local marketing matters

5 Fold’s all-in-one marketing packages help you connect with local customers. 5 Fold Marketing offers al…

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