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Why online marketing is often a bust for small businesses

When starting internet marketing, small business are usually so eager to get started that they end up making some critical mistakes that cost them time, money, and the opportunity to make their business a strong competitor in the online market. Most internet marketing campaigns fail because of the following errors.

Not having a game plan

It may be difficult to pace yourself with the sweet smell of online success clouding your judgment, but the worst thing you can do is dive into internet marketing. I would like to take a vacation to Florida, but I’m not going to jump in the car without a map or any way of knowing how to get there. You have to have a game plan! When you hit the ground running without a plan or some sort of foundation, you are bound to fall flat on your face. How do you make a plan? Do your research and find a worthwhile internet marketing company to work with. They should give you the respect of taking the time to create a clear map of where you will go and show you exactly how they intend to get you there.

Doing very little and expecting much more

There are internet marketing companies that will sell you bits and pieces. Maybe you are only investing in Pay Per Click hoping that will get you a sizeable return on your investment. Think again! Unless the company you are working with is completely comprehensive, giving you representation in every component of online marketing, you will never reach your true potential. Just like a puzzle, every piece is crucial in creating the big picture. When all of the internet marketing components are working together as a team, they are able to assist each other and constantly optimize making your marketing more efficient and rewarding.

Not getting your hands dirty

When you are working with a company, you can’t turn over the reins to them and hope for the best. You have to be willing to do research, be involved, and complete projects in a timely manner. You need to help THEM by providing any information or resources they may need to help YOU in this process. Too often too many business owners don’t commit the time to their marketing company which delays campaigns and puts your business behind. Yes, they are in charge of your marketing, but you are ultimately the one who will make the marketing succeed. In the words of Mr. Jerry Maguire, “Help me help you!”  Your company should be working hard to get you leads (if not get rid of them.) However, t is your responsibility as the business owner to get your hands dirty and become a part of this awesome process.

Only seeing part of the big beautiful picture

In order to see the marketing results you are looking for, you have to be willing to give yourself every advantage by utilizing as many components as possible. Only then will you see the magic that internet marketing can truly do. Since each component relies upon, and is made better by, the other components, when one is missing, you aren’t seeing the true potential of your campaigns.

Let other’s failures lead to your success

It is true that failure leads to success, however why not avoid the failure in the first place and move right along to the success part. Whether you are a novice or a veteran to internet marketing, remember to avoid the mistakes of others.

  • Make sure you have a marketing plan and you are sticking to it.
  • Don’t settle for bits and pieces.
  • Be involved and take ownership of your campaigns.
  • Invest in many marketing components to see the greatest return.

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