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What the 5 Fold team has been listening to (July)

It’s been nearly two months since we shared our Spotify playlists last. That’s six weeks of finding new music and rediscovering the classics. As a team, we all listen to a diverse collection of music, from Drew’s EDM beats to Kevin’s mix of rock classics and new releases. Katharine combines country and pop.

Click on any of our playlists to give them a listen. Want to share what you’ve been listening to? Leave us a comment on Facebook or Twitter.

Drew’s Playlist

About Drew’s playlist: “Drew’s collection of feel-good, rage-hard music is sure to give you the energy and sound appeal that you’ve been yearning for.”

Kevin’s Playlist

About Kevin’s playlist: “Kevin’s playlist is a mix of bluesy-rock combined with classic rock deep cuts and some random, weird curveballs, such as the inclusion of Japanese metal rockers BABYMETAL.”

Katharine’s Playlist

About Katharine’s playlist: “There’s no rhyme-or-reason for this playlist. Just a great mix of country and pop, all in one place.”

Scott’s Playlist

About Scott’s playlist: “My playlist is inspired by the TV show Suits. I find it very helpful when designing. Really helps gets the creative juices flowing.” 

Brittany’s Playlist

About Brittany’s playlist: “If you love country, this is the playlist for you. Check it out!”