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The Newest Change in SEO: RankBrain

Google unveiled its most recent move in improving search results earlier this week. For some time now, Google has invested in artificial intelligence, and that reason became perfectly clear earlier this week. On Monday, RankBrain, Google’s artificial intelligence system, was announced to the public. RankBrain already handles 15% of search queries it receives and most of its efforts are focused on vague searches that Google’s other tools cannot rank.

What is unique to RankBrain is that it uses “vectors” to help interpret written language. That means when it encounters a word or phrase it does not know it can make an accurate guess what phrase is similar to that. RankBrain’s strength is handling unclear searches that we have all been guilty of looking up before.

We have already began to see a shift in rankings and are looking to see how the technology adapts over time. Google has stated that RankBrain isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and is expected to be a driving force in search rankings for month and years to come.
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