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What makes our social media strategy successful?

From local content to humor, our 5 Fold social media manager weighs in on the strategies that work.

Social media can be a powerful yet tricky tool when it comes to marketing. Algorithms are constantly changing on platforms, and while many companies insist on the need for a “magical formula” to be successful, good social media strategy really boils down to how adaptive and relatable your brand can be.

Let’s take a look at what people want to see on social media—and what they don’t want to see.

Too much promotion can be a bad thing

According to Sprout Social, 57% of people are more likely to buy from a brand that they follow on social. However, people are most likely to unfollow a brand when they have too many promotional messages, non-relevant information, or post too often.

Sharing sales, promotions, and information about your brand is important to boost awareness about products and offers, but you need to find a sweet balance between promotional content and content that your audience will find entertaining and/or useful.

Promotions should not be your social media foundation. Instead, being informational, relatable, and entertaining should be your foundation.

So, what should social media be about?

Humor and recipes can be great filler content to win shares and likes. But, to really bring in the gold, go for more localized content. Relatability is one key aspect to bringing people together on social media.

Your audience wants to see the “human element” in your content, so be on top of sharing your employee of the month, that casual team potluck, or a charity event you do every year.

Customers care about their community and many want to shop and support local businesses. Get in-tune with what your community is about. This ties back into Community Investment Marketing, which is a great strategy to base your social media in.

Become active in giving back to your community through charities or sponsorships. Remember to ask yourself: what is my community all about? Is the rodeo your town’s main tourist attraction? Do you belong to a boating community? Or maybe your town has a rich historical history.

Think outside the box (while staying inside your county lines) when it comes to creating localized content.

What makes people share content?

Many people share content on social media to help and inform others. According to Post Planner, 94% of people carefully consider how the share will be useful to the recipients. 69% of people share information because it allows them to feel more involved in the world.

When creating social media content, think about if you’d want to share this with your friends and family. How do your posts inform and help others? Rather than advertising, “High-quality and convenient AC installations”, advertise, “Make use of your old AC by letting us recycle it! We’ll take your old AC off your hands after the installment of a new system.”

Don’t forget to share information that is useful to your industry. For an HVAC business, give people tips on how they can save on utility bills. If you’re a renovation or real estate company, give your audience home maintenance and improvement information.

People still love to be amused and inspired on social media. This is why you should always stay on-top of the latest trends and articles.

Get help with your social media strategy from 5 Fold

It can be hard to find time to research trends and create share-worthy content. At 5 Fold Marketing, we stay on top of the latest trends, formatting, and strategies for social media. We then take what we learn and apply it to client campaigns for better results.

Whenever working with an agency or consultant, it’s vital to have frequent and clear communication. Keeping your social media gurus updated on events, employees, and charities is vital to your campaign’s lifeline.

Your cooperation, added to the expertise of a social media specialist, is the real recipe for a successful social media account.

Have questions about our social media management and strategies? Talk to us on Facebook, or click to learn more about 5 Fold Marketing.