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Our Vote Is in on Twitter Polls

Last week, Twitter announced another new update in an attempt to become more relevant in an ever-changing social networking industry. Since its creation, Twitter users have used the social platform as a sounding board for thoughts and opinions, but now, users can poll Twitter’s ever-growing audience for their opinions in a more visual manner.

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The change marks a move to help users and brand loyalists to be more involved with decisions involving what they love. The social generation yearns to be heard and will do anything to get their voice out there. We will see more brands casting polls to receive feedback on new products or features and television networks using it to engage their following during shows.


There are some limitations, which could restrict users and brands using the feature. Twitter Polls will only be open for 24 hours after they are created and binds creators to two choices. Users will not be able to see who voted or how others voted which keeps the polls completely anonymous. Although, this update is not anything new for social networking (Facebook & Google+ have had this option for quite sometime), we think that the newest feature will be a success in engaging a brand’s following to be heard.


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