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Happy New Year from your friends at 5 Fold Marketing!

Here’s what we did in 2016, and what we’re looking forward to about 2017

It’s been quite a year. As we round the corner into 2017, the team here at 5 Fold Marketing is taking the time to reflect on the year and our accomplishments—and look toward the future.

A time to look back

Looking back, 2016 has been an incredibly busy year for us here at 5 Fold. We did a lot in 2016, and it’s difficult to cover it all. With that in mind, here are just a few of the most notable things that we did as a company this year:

  • We moved to a new office: We decided to move to a new upstairs office that offered more legroom. As always, Scott and John were excited about the opportunity to build things and decorate. We even equipped our new workspace with standing desks! Of course, we needed all this room because…
  • We brought on three new employees: In January, we hired Kevin Bertram, our content writer. In May, Drew Martinez, our PPC Specialist, joined our team. Finally, Tori Ericson started in September. Suddenly, our new office is starting to feel a lot more crowded!
  • We got quite a bit done: Throughout the year, we developed new processes, filled out the direction and scope of our departments, and adapted to new changes in the industry and the market. With our new team in place, we were able to grow the company and expand the services we offer to our clients.
  • We navigated campaigns through a year of change: As mentioned above, there were quite a few changes in the industry this year, from Angie’s List to changes to the way AdWords works to some shifts in Facebook newsfeed filtering.
  • We partnered with some great people: In addition to our existing clients, our team added many new clients this year. This has been exciting for us, and we’ve worked to rebuild our processes so that we can ensure all of our campaigns are growing and thriving.
  • We had fun doing all of it: It wasn’t all just work. From the establishment of the 5 Fold Happiness Department to our team outing to a Spring Training game, we took some time to relax, get in shape, and find ways to give back to our community.

Yet, that’s not all. Our team also had a busy year in their personal lives. Here’s some of the highlights!

  • Scott and Brittany bought a new home. Also, experienced everything that goes along with Abby, their one-year-old, going to preschool.
  • Tori and her boyfriend Keith bought a new home in September, they moved in the same week Tori started her journey at 5 Fold. Tori spent her free time traveling to new places and enjoying life as much as possible.
  • Drew and girlfriend Aizelle took a trip to Thailand where they encountered benevolent elephants, breathtaking views, and the amazing people they met during their adventures. Also, Drew finally moved closer to work, cutting his commute by nearly 2 hours!
  • John and Diana completed their backyard project, a two year endeavor. Madison began reading and Caleb and Madison started pre-school.
  • Bijo and Rini count themselves blessed by God in so many ways this year, the greatest being the addition of their second boy Lucas in October. Their oldest son, Micah, started kindergarten, just got his first loose tooth, and is such a great big brother.
  • Kevin and wife Maria bought their first home in July, and they wasted no time adopting two rambunctious cats, Moses and Miriam, to live with them. Kevin also completed his master’s degree earlier this month after successfully defending his thesis on the history of early Phoenix, Arizona.

An opportunity to look forward

We’re excited about what 2017 might bring. Here’s what we see in our crystal ball:

  • Getting more efficient: As a team, we’re exploring automation as a means to do more with less time. In particular, building automated systems for repetitive tasks like data entry and emails will free us up for more creative work.
  • Expanding the team: We’re looking to add some more talented individuals to our team in 2017. These new additions will add even more value to our already-great client campaigns. We’ll have more on this later.
  • Moving (again) to a new place: Adding more people to the 5 Fold team means that we’ll eventually outgrow our current office. It’s a good problem to have!

Let’s get the new year started!

We want to take this time to thank all of our clients for working with us over the past 12 months. It’s been a lot of fun, and we’re looking forward to 2017. Have a happy and safe new year!