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New Office, New Outlook: Our New Space In Tempe Fits Our Team And Our Direction

Less than a year since our last move, the 5 Fold team has once again packed up and moved. Except, instead of moving up a short flight of stairs, we’ve relocated to an entirely new office in a new city. So long, Gilbert. Hello, Tempe!

Our new office has a lot of cool stuff, including more space for our growing team and close access to restaurants, coffee shops, and recreation. In this blog post, we’ll review just some of the reasons we’re excited to have moved!

5 Fold Door Tempe Office
We’re office #5. Fits, right?

Getting settled in our new office

The newest home for the 5 Fold team is very different from our previous digs. First and foremost, we have much more room to work in. Second, the feel of the office is completely different.

It wasn’t bad, but our old office reminded us a bit of a doctor’s office. This space is much more industrial, and there’s a lot we can do with it, design-wise. That’s something that John—our resident woodworker, metalworker, and all-around design genius—is really excited about.

One interesting feature of this office is that we have a garage door. We’ll have to get this open for some fresh air and sunshine before the weather gets too hot.

Feeling at home in Tempe

Tempe is located closer to Phoenix, to the northwest of our old location in Gilbert. Situated along the bed of the Salt River, Tempe is mainly known for the main campus of Arizona State University, which we’re not far from. However, Tempe has a lot to offer: with close proximity to the university, Sky Harbor International Airport, and downtown Phoenix, it’s a growing hub for businesses of all kinds. We’re happy to be here!

Tempe stands out from many other cities in the Phoenix metro in another way: Tempe Town Lake. Formed by filling the dry riverbed of the Salt River, the lake is a recreation hub with quick access to great hiking, gardens, and more. Our new office is a minute by foot to the lake, which will make for a nice change in scenery! (If you’re wondering why we’re so excited by a lake, keep in mind that we don’t have many of them here in Phoenix!)

One of our team’s favorite things to do is to get out for a walk and find cool places to eat lunch. We’re lucky to only be five minutes away from Mill Avenue, which contains a wide variety of restaurants and coffeeshops.

Opportunities for growth and fun

I titled the blog post describing our move last year “New Beginnings.” This is even more of a change for our team, and we’re all excited about this new space and what it represents for our company in the year ahead.

As an office, we maintain a good balance between getting things done and getting out for fun every now and then. That’s why Tempe is such a great fit for us. Whether it’s hanging out for lunch by the lake or taking the train into Phoenix for a baseball game in the summer, this new place fits us.

As for right now, the office walls are bare, and we’re still in the process of unpacking. Want to keep tabs on how our office is coming along, or see our team’s adventures in Tempe? Be sure to follow us on Facebook!