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New beginnings

Only three weeks into my new job at 5 Fold, and I’m already moving on up! Well, up the stairs, that is.

That’s right: the team is on the move. It’s a time of new beginnings—for both 5 Fold and me.

A growing team

My name is Kevin, and I’m the team’s new content writer. I joined 5 Fold in late January after several years of working as a marketing writer for Northern Arizona University.

I’m beyond thrilled to be working with this team. These are people who know how to get things done, and have fun while doing it. Plus, there’s plenty of coffee in the office at all times. Mix great people with great good hot any kind of coffee, and good things are going to happen.

Our new office is on the second floor of the same complex we were in, but now we get more sunshine, which is important since content writers like me are essentially potted plants, only with the ability to distinguish between passive and active voice and the distinct lack of all that photosynthesis nonsense.

The move itself wasn’t that bad. We lugged all our worldly possessions up the single flight of stairs to our new office. This included the computers, a couch, our desks, two whiteboards, a television screen, our 5 Fold sign, and a vinyl player. We took extra care with our beautiful walnut desk. After all, we need a place to sit and work.

We have more space to stretch out, more meeting room, and even a (“sort of,” Scott demurs) mountain view. Our new office will give us the room we need to expand the 5 Fold team even further, and maybe even a place for me to store snacks.

Putting it all together

Everyone is very excited about the redecorating process, but Scott and John are completely geeking out about it. There is currently some very complicated math (well, probably not, but I have a writer reputation to uphold) on the whiteboard about how many desks will fit in our new office, and John is currently putting together the wiring for our company sign.

Let’s just say that the measuring tape has been well worth the money. We’ve been joking that we’ve only kept John around for his ability to build us things, but the truth is that he’s as good at building websites as he is at constructing desks.

One of the reasons I wanted to work for 5 Fold is that everyone here has a constant energy to them. Everyone has a say in the present and future direction of things, and the prevailing attitude seems to be about dreaming big. Scott, Bijo, John, Katharine, Rini, and Brittany all have high expectations for themselves, their work, and this company. I’m happy to work at a place that values its employees, knowing that they’ll create great things for clients.

While I’m excited to be in this new office, I’m trying to not get too comfortable. After all, if 5 Fold’s history is any indicator, we might be moving that walnut desk again sometime soon to a larger space. That’s something to be excited about.