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How the 5 Fold team embraces productivity

Summertime has arrived, and the 5 Fold team is getting outside and having fun. However, we’re also getting a ton done here in the office while finding new ways to organize our work and stay productive. From new apps and technology to general tips, here are some of our favorite new ways to keep your day moving. Give your productivity a boost by following some of our tips!


“I set three goals for the day and complete them. The goals are based on a plan that is broken down into year, quarters, months, weeks, and days. This helps ensure that I’m heading in the right direction.”


Boomerang is one of my favorite tools. I can schedule emails, have emails that don’t get a response sent back to my inbox to follow up, and also have emails I don’t need to take an action on ‘boomerang’ back to my inbox when I need to look at them.”


“I love Google’s Keep app and use it daily to stay productive. You can make to-do lists and schedule reminders that can also be shared!”


“I arrive at the office early. This allows me to get my head straight before the craziness starts. I make sure I have a good plan of how I will execute my day.”

“I also organize my emails as they arrive. This declutters my mailbox so I don’t miss anything. I’ll also clean out files from my desktop on Friday. That way, when I start work on Monday, I know exactly what needs to be taken care of from last week. Finally, I utilize Teamwork due dates. Teamwork can be a powerful tool if it is taken care of. If you only sort-of use it, it will muck-up your whole day.”


“One of the things I do to boost my productivity is use music (through, say, Spotify) to keep track of time while working on projects. I’ll use the length of albums I’m familiar with to delineate certain blocks of time. For example, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles is 40 minutes long, which is about the maximum length of time I spend drafting some types of content. While I still use official timers through Teamwork, this allows me to pace myself, time-wise, based on where I am in the album. Plus, music makes me more productive, in general. It’s a win-win.”

Share your productivity tips with us!

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