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Google Updates Local Listings… Again!

Google is at it again, we didn’t think it could be possible, but it just keeps getting better and better. Yesterday, Google launched their new Google My Business product to help small business owners simplify their efforts toward being found online.

Previously, Google offered individual products for small businesses where they were able to manage their local listings, reviews, social media, data, etc. However, managing all of those specific tools made promoting your business online, difficult and tiresome.

With this new interface, small business owners now have a one stop shop for everything Google related. They will now be able to manage their listings, interact with their customers, access Google Hangouts, respond to all of their  reviews and that’s just cracking the surface.

Of course Google will hold your hand and gently integrate you into Google My Business by providing tools, FAQs and videos when you are first getting started. Gee thanks Google! You can even check out this overview video below to get the ball rolling.


With any new product, there will be a learning curve, but more importantly, this new Google My Business platform begs the question, what will Google think of next?