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5 From 5 Fold: Five Questions With Tori Ericson, Social Media Manager

Welcome to this edition of 5 From 5 Fold. Each month, we’ll ask a different member of the 5 Fold Marketing team five questions about themselves, what their job is like, and what they see as the future of marketing.

This month, we sat down with the new 5 Fold Social Media Manager, Tori Ericson. We chatted about her professional background, where she thinks social media is heading, and her favorite type of music.

1. Where did you grow up, and how did you get into marketing as a career?

“I grew up in Arizona. I have always been fascinated by the media, so when I was in high school at Corona Del Sol in Tempe, Arizona, I was actually the school’s television anchor. After high school, I did various things in the hospitality industry and eventually got into social media at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel. I was the executive assistant to the hotel manager and director of sales and marketing. Then, I was promoted to the Sheraton Grand Phoenix where I was the assistant to the hotel manager and director of food and beverage. For the last year-and-half, I served as the social media coordinator at the Sheraton.”

2. What excites you most about working in social media?

“I think what excites me the most is the interaction I get to have with people. I like hearing about people’s experiences and learning new things about what gets people engaged in different content.”

3. What new perspective do you think you’ll bring to 5 Fold Marketing, and to the social media work we do for our clients?

“Creativity, not that 5 Fold isn’t creative now, but I have some great ideas that I’m excited to bring to the table. I’d like to help 5 Fold grow in exciting new ways, including exploring the possibility of doing things with media for our clients.”

4. Where do you think social media, as an industry, is headed?

“I think video is becoming more popular each and every day. It’s something that really gets people engaged. People like to watch videos, especially if they’re short and relatable. I think we’ll start seeing a lot more video in the future. I think Facebook Live is good for brands and can work effectively in certain circumstances—some of the 5 Fold clients are using it to great effect. In general, video is on an upward curve.”

5. What excites you most about working here at 5 Fold Marketing? What drew you to working here?

“I think the small team was the biggest thing for me. I really wanted to work for a company that was innovative, creative, and had a smaller, family feel to it. The thing I’m most excited about is making changes and developing the social media department here.”

BONUS: What is your favorite type of music, and what kind of music is your go-to for working or concentrating?

“I’m one of those ‘I listen to everything’ type of people. But, if I had to pick one genre, it would be House music. Not necessarily the EDM stuff that’s played on the radio, but more like disco-influenced and jazz-influenced electronic music. After all, my dog’s name is Disco! When it comes to concentrating on work, it’s easier for me to listen to things that don’t have lyrics. I love instrumental music.”