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Find out what we’ve been up to!

We can’t believe March is here already! Is it possible that through all of our client work, product development, and strategic planning, we missed the month of February all together? This is why we do our Top 5, so that we can reflect on all of the success, craziness, reached goals, and challenges that have happened in a months time. So here’s a little glimpse into the world of 5 Fold Marketing and our most recent news.

Top 5

 1. Google Drive

What would you do without Google Drive? Yeah, we don’t know either. Google Drive is the main system we use for file storage, organization, and sharing information with our clients. In the last few weeks, we have been perfecting our system to make our Google Drive procedures beautifully efficient not only for our team, but for our clients. One of our Core Values at 5 Fold, is “Keep it Simple.” Much easier said than done, but we are actively walking our talk by tackling our Google Drive system to reflect that core value. In the very near future, customers of 5 Fold can expect a more efficient and user friendly system when accessing or sharing files with us on Google Drive.

2. Alabaster Mobile Clinic

As a company, we are continuing to support Alabaster Mobile Clinic in their efforts to raise money to begin building a small clinic in Kenya. Their goal is $8,000 and they have $6,000 more to go! We have seen what this organization can do, and we know that by donating our time and services to help them in their fundraising efforts, we are simply lending them a helping hand to make a huge change in the lives of people in need.

3. AZ Video Marketing

Our partnership with AZ Video Marketing continues to thrive and progress! We recently designed some print material for AZ Video Marketing to help reach out to more customers. We always enjoy sending our clients to David Marsh from AZ Video Marketing because we know that they will be very well taken care of. We’ve seen David bring out the best in a business owner by making them feel at ease and helping them through every step of the video production process. The videos that David produces are extremely valuable tools for helping businesses connect with their audience and extend the reach of their brand. We are excited to continue this partnership with David from AZ Video Marketing and to see what we can develop in the upcoming year.



4. Phoenix & Pasadena Offices

Let’s face it we all work better when we are inspired by our setting. Because of this, we have spent some time (and early hours for some of us) breathing some inspiration into our offices. They are a work in progress, but it’s awesome to see how each element brings the office a little more character and consistency than it had before. Below are some photos our our offices in Phoenix and Pasadena.

IMG_20150304_101940964_HDR   IMG_20150304_104443213

pasadena office1    IMG_0014

5. Teamwork

One of the most challenging obstacles of having two offices in two different states is teamwork and collaboration. We’ve actually done an exceptional job so far when it comes to working together, and communicating to get projects completed, but we recently just upped our game. We’ve added some new technology and procedures to our team that will greatly help us all stay on the same page and work towards common goals together.

It’s always great to work with a team that is so proactive and forward moving! Looking forward to the progress we will make this month! Stay tuned.