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Facebook Lead Ads and Why They Matter

Facebook is constantly changing the game of social media advertising. Their detailed targeting options and low CPC rates are just a couple of the reasons digital marketers are flocking to the social network to begin advertising. Earlier this week, it was announced that their beta-tested lead ads were now available to the public. We took a closer look at the newest advertising option by the social network and what this means for your marketing efforts!

Wondering what makes Facebook lead ads perfect for businesses? They allow users to sign up for quotes, newsletters, contests and receive more information without ever leaving the social network. Now, you may be thinking why is that so great? Well, we’ll tell you why; Facebook will auto populate the user’s information from their profile into the relevant fields making the process significantly smoother and more user-friendly.

Ready to try Facebook lead ads? We have rounded up our top tips for running a successful lead ad campaign.

  1. Perfect your sign-up form: We recommend only adding two to three additional fields that the user will have to manually fill in. Make sure that your form will help you to better tailor content to your customers and followers.
  2. Integrate your CRM: Facebook lead ads are the first to integrate with marketing CRM systems. It is important to take advantage of that to capture your conversions in a time-efficient way.  
  3. Make sure to test what works: Just like with any advertising campaign, it is important to test different calls to action, wording, form questions, and targeting to see what works best for conversions.

If you would like to learn more about Facebook advertising and how to get started with your social media marketing plan, give our team a call or visit for more information.