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April 2021 Theme Releases

5 upgrades from 5Fold. We’re releasing 5 incredible upgrades to our theme next month! Your 5Fold site is…

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Pictured: Surfing Google Algorithm changes can be a tricky process.

Navigating Google algorithm changes and their impact on your SEO

Surf’s up! Here’s how your campaign can ride out the waves of Google algorithm changes. STORY HIGHLIGHTS…

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Website load speeds depend on another factors.

The need to speed: What you need to know about website load speeds

STORY HIGHLIGHTS Users expect websites to load in 2-3 seconds or less Speed depends on how it’s measured Speed…

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Trust a marketing company with your digital marketing.

The benefits of working with a marketing company

STORY HIGHLIGHTS There are advantages to working with a marketing company over working with just an internal m…

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Google Analytics is just one of the tools we use to gather marketing data.

Finding the right marketing data: How 5 Fold collects and uses data

Digital campaigns generate a lot of data. Which of it matters? STORY HIGHLIGHTS Data is everywhere, but how yo…

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Website Design Strategies worked on by Scott Klohr and Brittany Klohr.

5 website design strategies for your next website

Your website is the cornerstone of your business’ online presence and your digital marketing. It’s vital to ge…

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Great small business marketing is like a roaring campfire.

Boom or bust: 5 reasons small business marketing can struggle, and how to turn it around

It’s 2017, and many small business owners have long dealt with digital marketing. When we talk to them, we oft…

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Stock photo of a camera

Ditch the stock photos: Here’s how real photos make your business look like the real deal

In a blog post from last year, we discussed how authenticity in digital marketing could yield positive results…

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Understanding Micro-Moments

Building marketing campaigns around what customers want at the moment, in the moment. At 5 Fold, we’re constan…

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