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New Google Q&A feature from Google's own blog introducing the feature

Google Q&A: Google’s New Feature Gives Businesses A New Way To Interact With Customers

We could probably write an entire blog just outlining the near-constant features Google is rolling out to impr…

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Is virtual reality marketing the next frontier of digital marketing?

Virtual reality sounds like a concept ripped out of a science fiction movie, alongside flying cars and hoverin…

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Voice Search Marketing

Google Home, Amazon Echo, and the future of voice search marketing

The Future Of Voice Search With Google Home and Amazon Echo in more homes, here’s where voice search mar…

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Understanding Micro-Moments

Building marketing campaigns around what customers want at the moment, in the moment. At 5 Fold, we’re constan…

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Local marketing matters

5 Fold’s all-in-one marketing packages help you connect with local customers. 5 Fold Marketing offers al…

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Using heat maps to optimize our client campaigns

Have you ever been to a website where you felt you had to scroll far down the page to get to the information y…

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Call tracking: What is it, and why does 5 Fold do it?

A few weeks back, we wrote about how we’re constantly working to improve our marketing campaigns. From that po…

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Bijo George Marketing

Google makes big changes to AdWords Search Campaigns

Google seldom announces changes to their core search feature in advance, instead preferring to launch quietly…

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Google encrypts keyword data. Who it hurts? Who it helps?

We all know by now that Google likes to change things up every now and then. Most marketers expect this and ha…

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