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Building Trust Through Your Website

I’ve heard it said that trust is not given it has to be earned. Well the same rules apply online. When it comes to your website, what is going to set you apart? What is going to make your customer feel good about spending time on your website? Chances are it is an element of trust. If a customer looks at your website and instantly feels “the trust factor” they are much more inclined to remain on your page and take further steps of action.

The importance of building trust

You may think of trust as one of those touchy feely emotional ideas that don’t hold much significance in the online world, but you’re wrong. Building trust with your visitors is one of the best ways to quickly turn them into a customer. This is due to the fact that you are enhancing your credibility in the visitors eyes. They will know by looking at your website that your company is one they can rely on, in turn pushing them to take an action towards becoming your customer. Taking the extra time to put in elements of trust in your content, design, and photography will only help you in the long run. So get in touch with your emotional side and start thinking about how to communicate a sense of credibility to your visitors through various aspects of your website.

The Trust Factor

Building trust with another person typically takes time. You need to prove to them that you care and that they can depend on you. Unfortunately in the online world, where people are jumping from page to page like kids on a pogo stick, you typically only have a few seconds to gain your visitor’s trust. It’s like walking into a person’s home for the first time. Would you want to stay at a house with dirty dishes piled up, marks on the carpet, no pictures, decorations, or color, and no sign of any other previous visitors? Chances are you would be in and out as quick as you could. The same goes for websites. Here are some important elements to consider when building trust in your website.


The photos that you chose to display on your website are one of the first elements your visitors will notice. How are your customers going to feel when they see the same handsome stock photography model with the million dollar smile on your website, that they saw on an advertisement for eyeglasses at the grocery store this morning? Instantly, their trust meter will go down. Visitors want to see authentic, custom photography with a human element to it. They should feel like you are giving them an insight to your company through your photographs.


High quality content is well worth the investment. When a customer reads the content on your website, they should feel as if you are having a personal conversation with them. Many times content is copied or paraphrased from other sites. Readers go through enough content on the web to decipher between quality and generic content. Typically readers will only do a quick scan of your content so make sure to come up with thoughtful headlines and informational graphics and bullet points.


The overall design of your website is what gives off that snappy first impression. Visitors instantly get a feeling for your company by the colors, lines, space, fonts, accessibility, etc. With the easy access of cheap website templates, it is very apparent to visitors how much time, effort, and money you spent on your webpage. This is ultimately associated with the successfulness of your company in turn asking the question… are you trustworthy?

Happy Customers and Fans

Visitors trust companies with a strong customer base. You can display to your visitors how popular you are by highlighting the satisfied customers that have come before them. It will make them wonder why they aren’t a customer of such an obviously amazing company. Show them what they have been missing. You can do this in a few easy ways.

  • Customer Testimonials – Make sure your testimonials are authentic and include a date. Ask for permission to display a photo and professional title of the person writing the testimonial. This will give your visitors further proof that this testimonial is legit.
  • Social Media – Highlight how many friends, likes, fans and subscribers you have. Make it easy for your visitors to connect to you through various sources of social media.
  • Community – Show your community of supporters. The more people you have on your side, the more trust you will gain with your visitors, making them want to become part of your community as well.

Sponsorships and Affiliations

If you come to be connected with any well know companies, obtain permission to display their logo or name on your website. By showing your customers this connection they will be inclined to put their trust in you since you are associated with a larger and more established company. This instantly boosts your credibility!

Awards and Certifications

Prove to your customers that you are the real deal. Sure it’s easy to say that you are #1, but how do your visitors know that information is from a credible source and not, let’s say, your mom.

Be Transparent

Don’t worry if you don’t have a million Facebook followers or the money to pay for a professional photography shoot. Start small and work with what you have. Don’t try to trick your visitors into becoming customers by withholding or manipulating information. Be proud of your webpage by incorporating some of these elements of trust that will help boost your visitor engagement.

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