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Our best blogs of 2017: Here are the best 5 Fold blogs of the year

We’ve published quite a few blog posts throughout the year, and we still have a few to go to close it out. Here are some of our best blog posts of 2017.

Understanding Micro-Moments

In this blog, we examined the changing world of organic search as it looked at the start of the year, discussing how clients and marketers could capitalize on “micro-moments” in user search behavior.

Google Posts

In June, Google released Google Posts, a new addition for Google My Business that allows users to add informative sidebar “cards” to the map and local listings results users see for your business.

Google Home, Amazon Echo & Voice Search Devices

This was the first of two articles we wrote about the expanding world of voice search, which has been spurred by the popularity of Google Home and Amazon Echo.

An update for this post: the Apple HomePod mentioned in this article has been delayed until early 2018, which puts its competitiveness with products from Google and Amazon in question.

Black Friday and Voice Search

Months after our first article discussing voice search, we decided there was enough interest in the subject to merit a follow-up. In this piece, we discussed less about the search devices themselves, and more about what voice search might mean for digital marketers.

The Future of Facebook Advertising

This is an issue that we’ll be keeping an eye on heading into the new year. Businesses have long-established patterns with how they interact with social media platforms, such as Facebook. However, the game may be changing, and we explore how in this post.

When the #1 Keyword Means Less

Ranking for the right keywords matter more than just ranking for #1 in as many keywords as possible. That’s our argument, and we explain in this post why a relentless pursuit of top spots in useless keywords can actually harm your campaign more than it helps.

Why Small Business Marketing Often Fails

Every year, there are new small businesses getting into digital marketing for the first time. It doesn’t always work out. From the pursuit of short-term gains at the expense of long-term goals to a lack of expertise and planning, we go through some of the top reasons small businesses often get their marketing strategy off on the wrong foot.

Virtual Reality Marketing

Coming soon to a virtual headset near you, VR might just be the final (okay, more like next) frontier for digital marketing. In this future-gazing blog, we look at how virtual reality might be a potent playground for marketers to try new, innovative ideas.

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