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Introducing 5 Fold Marketing and Grill

This summer, 5 Fold is growing our team and business, and we want to let you know what we’re working on. In fact, we’d like to introduce you to our latest creation: 5 Fold Marketing and Grill, the world’s first marketing agency-restaurant hybrid, or so we hope.

“All my life, this has been my dream since, like, two weeks ago,” head chef Scott says. “5 Fold has always been about great service for our clients. Now, we’ve also got a robust happy hour menu. What’s not to love?”

Located in the heart of the historic Cooper Crossing district of Chandler, Arizona, 5 Fold offers a marketing/dining experience unlike any other, where casual dining meets discussions about pay-per-click advertising in a relaxed atmosphere.

“We were inspired to create this restaraun-gency when we realized there’s a niche market for food and search engine optimization. This is what people have been searching for,” head chef Bijo says. “Trust me, I did the research.”

How is 5 Fold able to serve up tasty campaigns and also simultaneously whip up a delectable tomato bisque? Chef Katharine shares the secret.

5-Fold-Cafe“The trick is not to treat the marketing and grill as two separate parts,” she says. She then shakes her head. “Too many rookies in this business nowadays make that mistake. You gotta build your website and gourmet flatbread sandwiches together in harmony. People don’t just want food. They want food and a comprehensively designed, well-researched marketing campaign that draw in business. It’s about the experience.

The latest addition to the restaurant has been pastry chef and dessert editor, Kevin. His famous So-Good-It’ll-Put-You-In-A-Comma Carrot Cake recently took the top prize, Oxford category, at the Grammar Pun Dessert Awards. He believes his latest creation, the Banana Split Infinitive, will undoubtedly be his greatest achievement yet.

“5 Fold Marketing and Grill isn’t any ordinary marketing restaurant. Chefs Scott and Bijo have scoured the world and their home pantries for the finest ingredients all of us actually know how to cook,” says grillmaster John. “Incidentally, our special today is our pan-seared, slightly crisp grilled cheese with a side of curly fries from the fast-food burger place down the street.”

Pending city food licenses and all employees completing years of culinary school, 5 Fold Marketing and Grill is scheduled to open April 1, 2017. We’re still finalizing our food menu, so, in the meantime, if there’s anything you’d like to see us cook up to market your business, let us know on social media.