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5fold Marketing’s First Charity Fundraiser

Helping our first non-profit organization

5fold Marketing is a growing company that has been built from the ground up. The main goal of this company was to create an easier, yet more powerful way for small business to boost their online leads. However, we have always known that this company will be a catalyst to give back in a way that will help others and benefit the world in which we live. One of our most fundamental core values is, “We believe in strong relationships.” So when  it came time to launch our 5fold Gives Back program and start reaching out to organizations to form these “strong relationships,” we came across Alabaster Mobile Clinic. We immediately knew that this was an organization that was out to do some good in the world and we wanted to find ways to help them in their efforts.

What is Alabaster Mobile Clinic all about?

Alabaster Mobile Clinic is a non-profit organization that is composed of a team of healthcare professionals and volunteers that travel to remote parts of Africa and Southern Asia to bring health care and health education to the people inhabiting those areas. There is a large need for vaccines, vitamins, and medical supplies in these areas as well as education on living a healthy life.

They follow a Care Delivery Model in which they enter into different households with their hosts and treat members of that household in a way that will promote the health of each individual member, as well as unified health within the household.

At the moment, 100% of funds donated to this organization are used for medical tools, vaccines, medicine, supplies, and any other materials used to treat the individuals in these specific areas. Every person who travels on these trips is paying their own way and is volunteering their time and expertise. This organization truly has a vision and a desire to help people in need.

How we plan to help

At 5fold Marketing, we are excited to be learning more about this organization. We are using our skills in marketing and web development to support them and are excited to be a part of their fundraising efforts to achieve their vision, “ to empower people to achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.” We are looking forward to being more and more involved in the future and continuing to help support Alabaster Mobile Clinic on marketing and fiscal levels as we grow as a company.

Some ways YOU can be involved!

You can help us raise funds for Alabaster Mobile Clinic’s next trip to Africa by visiting 5fold Marketing’s Facebook page. For every new ‘Like’ on our page, we will donate a dollar to Alabaster Mobile Clinic. Help us reach our goal of a $1,000 donation to this amazing organization. If you would like to learn more about Alabaster Mobile Clinic, discover ways you can be involved or help with donations, you can visit their website.