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5 Things to Know about Alabaster Mobile Clinic

Alabaster Mobile Clinic, is one of those organizations that is truly out in the world trying to do some good! They are a non-profit organization that travels to remote areas to help people in need receive medical care and vaccines. They are SAVING LIVES!  Here are 5 things you should know about this remarkable non-profit!

1. Strong leader

Shannon Fernanado, the founder of Alabaster Mobile Clinic, has had a dream for over 10 years to help and support people of the world who are underserved. She feels as though Alabaster Mobile Clinic is a way for her to fulfill this calling. Alongside a full time career as a nurse practitioner, she is promoting, raising funds, building relationships, recruiting volunteers, and organizing all of the details of the trips for Alabaster Mobile Clinic.

2. Young company

Founded in 2012, Shannon has started Alabaster Mobile Clinic from the ground up. They now have a Board of Directors and a team of healthcare professionals, photographers, writers, and other volunteers who support Alabaster Mobile Clinic.

3. Story behind the name

A story in the book of Luke in the Bible, tells about a sinful woman who took an Alabaster Jar full of perfume to Jesus and poured it on his feet so that she would be forgiven for her sins. This is a well known story of the Bible, but as Shannon describes, many people don’t know that in order for the woman to afford the perfume in the Alabaster jar, it took everything she had. Alabaster Mobile Clinic is appropriately named because Shannon feels as though she wants to pour everything she has into this organization for Jesus.

4. Funding

As Alabaster Mobile Clinic is still such a young company, 100% of the funding that they receive, goes towards medical supplies and tools for their trips to Kenya. Each volunteer has to give their time, skills, and own money to pay for the trip. It is their hope to raise enough funding to purchase adequate supplies and be able to financially support these awesome volunteers on future trips.

5. Future goals

Alabaster Mobile Clinic has 3 main goals for the future.

1. Funding– They are hoping to raise enough funding to grow the organization, create some paid positions, and gain help with grant writing.

2. Expansion– Right now, they are currently only taking trips to Kenya, however they would love to expand their reach into other countries as well.

3. More teams– At the moment, Alabaster is taking one team, once a year to Kenya, they are hoping to develop more teams that can travel to different countries multiple times per year!

Learn more

As you can see, Alabaster Mobile Clinic has some amazing things going on! Visit their website to learn more.  At 5fold Marketing, we want to help raise funds for Alabaster Mobile Clinic. We want to donate 1 dollar for every new ‘like’ on our Facebook page. It is our hope to make a $1,000 donation! So take a minute and give to a company that is saving lives!