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5 design elements every website should have.

When someone goes to your website for the first time, they don’t typically notice the details that were intricately weaved together to create an inviting atmosphere. What they will notice is if it looks nice and is easy to use or not. This decision is usually determined within a few seconds! A user’s initial perception of your website could also be based on speed. A website’s load time is a large determining factor in a good overall first impression. Something else to consider is making sure that you are taking your customers to the exact page they are looking for instead of making them search through your entire website. A good first impression could determine whether you will get a call or be forgotten about completely. Help your business become memorable by keeping these 5 website design tips in mind.

1. Establish Accountability

When you only have a few seconds, proving that you are trustworthy is not the easiest task. Unless they are visiting you based on a personal referral, you will have to display trinkets of trust throughout your website. Accreditation, awards and certificates are perfect ways to highlight your reliability. This will show customers that you are the real deal. Testimonials from previous clients will send a strong message of trust. When you are willing to stand behind your products and services with guarantees and warranties, this will portray a confidence that the customer will be happy to see. Be creative with your technique, but make sure that a feeling of trust is a central theme of your website.

2. Make it Clear

Your users work hard enough, give them a delightful break by making your Call to Actions easy to spot! A call to action or a CTA is usually a button or area on your website that is offering the customer a place to go for further action. Your CTA needs to be as obvious as possible with clear directions such as “Click here to get a quote!” The easier and accessible your CTA is on your website the higher the likelihood of producing a conversion.

3. Sweeten the Deal

It has become insanely easy today for people to bounce around on the internet looking for the best products and services at the best price. Every buyer wants to feel like they have stumbled upon a great deal! By providing the customer with deals and incentives, you will be setting yourself apart and giving the customer that extra nudge in your direction. It’s also good to experiment with different incentives such as $10 off vs. 10% off to see which gets the greater response. Help your customers feel successful by giving them a sweet deal!

4. Variety is Good

On your landing page, you should have a variety of ways to capture a lead. Some options that you could implement into your page could be call tracking so you are able to track the user’s information once a phone call is made. Also, giving the user the opportunity to fill out a form to be put on a mailing list is a solid way to make a customer connection. Don’t forget about social networks, a simple invitation to the user to join your network could potentially help you to capture a lead!

5. Words on a Mission

Forget the riff raff and babble talk. The content on your website needs to be as precise and to the point as possible. It should be written with the intent of explaining your business in the best possible way that presents it to the user simply and without confusion. Do not write your content for SEO purposes, instead, make sure it is written for the audience. If you have images or videos on your website, ensure that they are very high quality to strengthen that first impression.

Take these tips into consideration when designing your website. Remember, this will more than likely be the first place your customers will find you, do your best to make an exceptional first impression. Make your business the one to remember!

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