If you’ve used Facebook for any amount of time, you realize that the flow of information provided to users is curated in some form: you don’t see every single post that every single friend shares, and your “news feed” is populated with personalized advertising tailored to your interests, searches, and location.

Now, Facebook is changing that flow of information, and—in the process—potentially shaking up the way businesses interact with potential customers. 5 Fold is actively working to adapt to this change and evaluate the way it impacts our client’s campaigns.

So, what is the change?

As Mashable puts it, Facebook’s “friends and family come first’ formula change doesn’t hide or remove advertising from businesses that people like or follow, but it does de-emphasize them relative to posts from the friends and family in the user’s network. So, a user is less likely to see a post from the auto mechanic they’ve liked, compared to being more likely to see a video of their friend Tommy doing backflips in his front yard.

How does this impact your campaign?

What does this mean for us here at 5 Fold? This puts more emphasis on generating shareable content that users want to see and engage with. One thing that isn’t changing about how the news feed works is that Facebook is still trying to pair users with content that they actually want to read and see. If said content happens to come from your business, Facebook is going to put it into the feed. Our goal—with the help of our clients—is to create genuine, interesting posts that engage users.

As this new algorithm is rolled out, there may be some slight turbulence in the performance of our client’s social media campaigns. If this happens to be the case, we’ll let you know. Our marketing strategy is built to be highly flexible and adaptable just for these kind of situations. From Facebook news feed changes to switches in the way Google handles paid search, we’re ready for anything.

Interested in learning more?

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Welcome to this edition of 5 From 5 Fold. Each month, we’ll ask a different member of the 5 Fold Marketing team five questions about themselves, what their job is like, and what they see as the future of marketing.

This month, we sat down with 5 Fold’s Social Media Manager Katharine Longo to discuss the future of social media, how she keeps up with the industry, and her long-planned travel dreams.

Katharine Longo Profile 5 Fold

Katharine checks in on a client’s campaign.

1. Where did you grow up, and where’d you go to college?

“I grew up in Phoenix. My parents still live in the same house my siblings and I grew up in. I went to high school at a performing arts school in Phoenix, and then I went to an arts school for college, where I received my degree in fashion marketing.”

2. What did you do before working at 5 Fold, and how did your experiences prepare you to work here?

“Previously, I worked at another marketing agency here in Phoenix. They were full-service, so we did social media, print advertising, digital advertising, grassroots stuff—we kind of did everything, including events, for each client that we had. It was stressful and a lot of work, but working with clients and their needs while also meeting tight deadlines was helpful, since I learned what to prioritize and focus on. I could get things done as needed and then handle any crises that came up.”

3. What is your favorite part of 5 Fold? What do you love most about coming into work each and every day?

“It’s fun to work with people who are fun to be around. There’s no gossiping: we just come in, do our job, and we do it well. We have fun while still getting things done. It’s good to have a job where you don’t have to complain about work and you have work-life balance. That’s really refreshing to me.”

4. Social media is a rapidly changing industry. How do you keep up with new developments and where do you think things are generally headed?

“I use Feedly. I think a lot of us use that here, just to look at a lot of different social media and other marketing news. I have tags for social media marketing, social media insights, SEO, PPC; you can add different publications that you follow on your phone and it will give you any new articles that come up, and I just check that every morning and throughout the day periodically.

I also get a lot of emails sent directly to my inbox, so I get some from [social media management software] Sprout Social, Hubspot, Social Media Today, and others like that. I’ll read any articles that seem pertinent to what I’m working on or just seem interesting to me. If I think they pertain to the whole team, I’ll send them out like I did just this morning. That’s usually how I keep up to date. Facebook posts a lot of stuff in their own feed, so I see that on my other Facebook page.”

5 Fold Katharine Meeting

Katharine reviews social media statistics with Scott and John.

Which social media platform has the most changes?

“Facebook. Well, Facebook and Instagram, but they go hand-in-hand, since they’re now owned collectively together. Anything that Facebook makes a change to is almost immediately applied to Instagram. Anything that they change with advertising is applied to Instagram. Twitter is very slow to the game and Google+ has struggled, but does help us with SEO.

Social media is heading in a video-centric direction. Facebook is really honing in on the live video feature that they released a year ago. They are trying to incorporate a lot into that and they see that is the future: quick videos and live videos that you’re about to interact with, and—as a business—answer questions that come through. So, for big brands, it’s really nice: it allows you to feel like you’re talking to an actual person, which has always been the thing with social media.

Facebook is also doing a lot with messaging, so they’re trying to incorporate a feature where—if you follow a brand and have interacted with them on Facebook—they have the ability, through advertising, to send you an ‘@’ messaging. That’s a specific example, but, across all social media networks, video is the main thing moving forward.”

In terms of video being integrated on Facebook, how does that impact our clients?

“Right now, we do the overview videos that are specific to industries and really fit each client. These are beneficial, but I think in the future we can start branching out and doing 30-second, bite-sized videos that are more focused on tips, employee introductions, and things of that nature. Customers want to listen to how to change an air filter or their favorite technician share fun facts about themselves. That’s how you want to be on social media: it’s a place people want to go to as a community rather than another sales tool, because there are enough of those out there.”

Katharine Longo Profile 5 Fold

Katharine and the team enjoy a day outside in Chandler, Arizona.

5. What are you most looking forward to in terms of where 5 Fold is going this year? What about your department?

“The coolest part is that we’re really collaborative. Every department works closely with the other and we communicate constantly with each other, which is really important. We don’t outsource any work, which is a breath of fresh air in this industry: a lot of the stuff I did at my previous work we outsourced developers, PPC, SEO—it wasn’t all under one roof. It was seen as two separate entities. But, here at 5 Fold, if I have a question about SEO stuff and how it affects me, I can just contact Bijo right away and get an answer about it. That collaborative factor has been really nice.

In terms of department, right now we’re trying to get a better grasp on matching our social media work with the goals for clients. If their goal is increased leads, how are we using social media to help get them to that goal? If it’s more a brand awareness or engagement goal, how are we helping them get those things? We’re honing in on their goals and finding out more about what they want to see out of social media.”

Bonus: Where have you always wanted to travel? Why?

“Italy! I know that’s no surprise. I’m Italian and my dad is 100% Italian, so his father and my grandmother are both from there and we have a ton of family from Sicily. My dad went with my sister when I was in 8th grade, and I couldn’t go, and so I’ve always wanted to go there.”

Last week, Facebook made a very visible change that people had been requesting for a long time: they expanded their “like” functionality to encompass a broader range of emotions and feelings, expressed through caricatures known as “emoji.” In addition to the original “like,” Facebook users can now express:

  • Love, through a heart emoji
  • Laughter (officially, “haha”), through a laughing face emoji
  • Surprise (officially, “wow”), through a surprised face emoji
  • Sadness, through a sad face emoji
  • Anger, through an angry face emoji
  • Ennui, through an expressionless emoji.

Ok, that last one isn’t real. But, many of our clients are asking about what this means for their own Facebook accounts. In other words, how does this change the way people interact with businesses online?

It applies to business accounts, too

Blog Illustration QualityYes, the new reactions can be used by users to interact with business accounts. This means people can express a whole range of emotions about your posts. For your business, this means that users can engage with you on Facebook in a whole new way. You’ll get feedback on what they not only “like,” but what they love, hate, or think is humorous.

It’s important to note that the particular choice out of the new range of reactions does not impact the way that Facebook tracks your page’s overall engagement numbers; for instance, a “like” is of equal importance to a “love”, and so on.

Okay, but what if customers use the “angry” emoji on a post?

This is a potential pain point that we’re studying. However, it’s important to note that upset customers have always had the ability to submit negative feedback on your posts: namely, through comments. The new emoji just allow them to submit such feedback in short form. Whether this makes them more likely to be negative remains to be seen.

Of course, unlike comments, you can’t remove or respond to the reactions from customers. For more on this, check out this great HubSpot blog post on the subject.

What about other recent changes made by Facebook?

In early February, Facebook unveiled a new algorithm change that alters what content is seen first on users’ newsfeeds. In essence, this change makes “likes” a more significant factor in determining whether a post is relevant to someone. Facebook is simply sharing, in order of priority, posts with people that they’re most likely to engage with based on what they’ve engaged with in the past.

The major impact for your business’ pages to come out of this? Posts that explicitly attempt to solicit “likes” from customers may end up be harmful to the overall campaign, since they cause an artificial spike in reaction that eventually will balance out over time.

How can I boost my Facebook campaign?

Our suggestion? Don’t get too caught up in the new reactions. Yes, they’re a cool way to engage with customers. But, if you really want to give your campaign a lift on social media, try providing the 5 Fold team with original content. This could include photos of your employees working, information about upcoming events, or just fun stuff. Is your company sponsoring a local charity run in your community? Let us know.

Being able to share amazing, original content on Facebook will really help you engage with your customers—and maybe get a few Likes, Loves, and Wows in the process.

Choose Call to Action Buttons New Facebook Feature

In the next few weeks, Facebook will be making a sweet little feature available to business pages. We will now have the capability to choose a call-to-action button to add to our Facebook Business page.

How will this help businesses?

Facebook is giving us a quick and easy solution for our customers to do what we want them to do and go where we want them to go. In more simplified terms, it will help businesses get more customers.The CTA button was tested on Dollar Shave Club and they claimed that the button had a “2.5x higher conversion rate versus other comparable social placements.”

The current calls to action available include:

  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video

Even though, the list seems limited, it will more than likely be updated with more options quickly, as businesses are already flooding Facebook with more suggestions.

Our plans for this new feature.

We have this awesome little product called Social PlusWe use this product to provide management and assistance with our client’s social media profiles, local listings, and online reviews. Our Social Plus clients will be happy to hear that we will be adding the new call-to-action buttons to their Facebook business pages as soon as they are available.

We are excited about the potential that these little call-to-action buttons hold and are hoping to see some big results with customer acquisition among our Social Plus clients.

Are you needing help with your social media? Call 5 Fold Marketing today and ask about Social Plus! (480) 939-3203

Source: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/call-to-action-button

Google is at it again, we didn’t think it could be possible, but it just keeps getting better and better. Yesterday, Google launched their new Google My Business product to help small business owners simplify their efforts toward being found online.

Previously, Google offered individual products for small businesses where they were able to manage their local listings, reviews, social media, data, etc. However, managing all of those specific tools made promoting your business online, difficult and tiresome.

With this new interface, small business owners now have a one stop shop for everything Google related. They will now be able to manage their listings, interact with their customers, access Google Hangouts, respond to all of their  reviews and that’s just cracking the surface.

Of course Google will hold your hand and gently integrate you into Google My Business by providing tools, FAQs and videos when you are first getting started. Gee thanks Google! You can even check out this overview video below to get the ball rolling.




With any new product, there will be a learning curve, but more importantly, this new Google My Business platform begs the question, what will Google think of next?