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What’s new at 5 Fold Marketing?

We started 2015 off with a BANG! This has been one busy and exciting start to 2015! We have met some incredible new clients and had a blast learning about their businesses and helping them with their marketing. We have had some awesome team meetings, and have loved working on some new branding projects! We’ve […]

Alabaster Mobile Clinic Video

We were so excited to work with Shannon Fernando, the founder of Alabaster Mobile Clinic to create this video for their organization. We hope that this video helps them raise awareness for their efforts to provide healthcare to those in need. We can’t wait to hear all about their upcoming trip to Kenya!

Hosting with 5fold Marketing = No Brainer

Hosting For Your Website If you live in the land of websites, hosting is an easy concept to understand. You know what it is, why you need it, and how good hosting can help your website. But for the average small business owner, hosting is something you do on Sundays when you have everyone over […]


How the Mountains are Good for the Marketing Mind

We work hard. We focus, brainstorm, strategize, create, design, and more. During our down time, we have found that the mountains provide the inspiration, motivation, and rejuvenation that we need to keep our thoughts quick, our ideas fresh, and our work week running smoothly. The team at 5fold Marketing always welcomes mountain excursions, because we […]