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Find out what we’ve been up to!

We can’t believe March is here already! Is it possible that through all of our client work, product development, and strategic planning, we missed the month of February all together? This is why we do our Top 5, so that we can reflect on all of the success, craziness, reached goals, and challenges that have happened in […]

Key Elements to a Fantastic Logo

Every good brand starts with an unforgettable logo. If you don’t already have a logo for your business, it’s about time to get one. A good logo is the centerpiece of your business identity. The more recognizable that your logo is, the stronger authority it will hold among your customers. So, before you have your […]

Responding to Negative Reviews

Handle negative reviews like a pro! It happens. Negative reviews are going to happen. They are going to be the result of a mistake, an “off day”, or a misunderstanding that will make a customer feel the need to go and tell the world about their horrible experience. I recently read a review on Yelp that began […]

Creating Content for Social Media

How we go about creating content for social media. A social media presence is something that all business owners should have. Whether they are handling their social media internally or using a marketing company (LIKE US). Getting your brand out there on social media means posting the RIGHT content to the RIGHT places. Engagement is […]

Wait. 2014 is already over?

Best of 2014 In the last 12 months we’ve had some major changes at 5 Fold Marketing. Some were exhilarating, some were exhausting, and some were just fun! We wanted to share some of these moments with you, and give you some insight into who we are as a company. 1) Alabaster Mobile Clinic Campaign Some […]